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The Research Group on Societies, Policies and Inclusive Communities (SoPCI, Spanish acronym) is a research group of the UVic awarded by the Catalan Government (SGR 1455). SoPCI’s main objective is to develop lines of research and evaluation focused on interdisciplinary analysis of social conditions, political and economic processes of inclusion in a broad sense and policies and practices derived from those. It also seeks to establish stable frameworks of knowledge transfer and innovation in response to emerging social and economic needs in the current crisis context by establishing a collaborative dynamic and by building bridges between the University, Government and community institutions. The group has an interdisciplinary profile with experts in the fields of political sciences, sociology, anthropology, nutrition, social exclusion, environmental sciences and rural studies. This large number of training profiles allows not only joining the priority objective of international research institutions to address social problems from inter-and trans-disciplinary perspectives, but also allows the group to attract new conceptual, methodological and practical approaches, integrated, cross-sectorial, and inclusive to work with social inclusion and sustainability from a complexity framework. Two chairs conformed the SoPCi: the Chair of Agroecology and Food Systems, coordinated by Dr. Rivera-Ferre, and the Chair of Gender, coordinated by Sandra Ezquerra.